Philadelphia, PA
100K House
Front facade showing fiber cement cladding
100K house in urban context
Living on the first floor
Energy strategy
Components diagram
Floor Plans
Stair Details
Building with structurally insulated panels (SIPS)
Subsequent facade experiments including silkscreen technique
100K House
The premise of the 100K House was to deliver 1,000SF infill rowhouses at $100/SF (hard construction) and LEED Platinum energy performance. The solution was to design a super elemental prototype that put real performance ingredients like insulation, air sealing and quality windows ahead of more typical “bells & whistles” finishes. The project seeks to develop affordable housing solutions for a demographic that are earning above the median income but well below six figures, but do not qualify for subsidized housing; consumers that typically face unaffordable options of new construction or purchasing property that requires large improvement costs
Project Details
  • Region
    • Northeast
  • city
    • Philadelphia, PA
  • neighborhood
    • East Kensington
  • Project Size
    • 1,150 sq. ft.
  • Project Cost
    • $105,000 plus costs of permits, land, architectural and engineering services
    • Land: $40,000 (estimated)
    • Soft Costs: $25,000 (estimated)
  • Project Status
    • Completed
Strategies Implemented
  • Thoughtfully and resourcefully designing within a reduced footprint
  • Incorporating materials that can be used as a final product minimal finishing requirements and upgraded as homeowners budget allow (i.e. exposed concrete, plywood flooring)
  • Evaluating and selecting cost-effective green building materials and methods
  • Prioritized development costs on envelope insulation, construction and mechanical systems -- features that are not easily upgraded by future homeowners
  • Pre and post-construction energy modeling to ensure homeowners are receiving optimum cost savings with the purchase of their home
  • Extensive blog which encouraged real-time focus grouping of followers which impacted specific design decisions.
  • Postgreenhomes.com sales portal provided user customization options which provided feedback on market preferences.
  • TOTAL PROJECT COST $105,000; Land $40,000 (estimated); Soft Costs $25,000 (estimated)
  • Conventional bank financing with private investors
  • SIPS (structurally insulated panels) were not permitted under International Building Code (IBC) 2006 when homes were designed; however, SIPS were permitted under the updated International Building Code (IBC) 2009 soon after project completion