Legacy City Design

Legacy City Design (LCD) is a network that shares innovative design practices happening in Legacy Cities - U.S cities that have experienced a continuous loss of population and jobs since their peak. LCD connects professionals working in Legacy Cities, shares information about how projects are successfully designed and implemented, hosts convenings, advocates for innovative design solutions, and develops new practice solutions through design research and pilot project collaborations.

Borne out of the framework established in 2011 by The American Assembly 110th Assembly on Legacy Cities in Detroit, and as part of the newly formed Legacy City Partnership, The J. Max Bond Center on Design for the Just City (JMBC), a part of the Spitzer School of Architecture at The City College of New York saw a need to elevate the role of design and designers in the process of regenerating these important U.S. cities.

With these and other partners including the Center for Community Progress and the Metropolitan Institute at Virginia Tech University, the JMBC hopes to build and maintain a robust online catalogue of design projects and research in an effort to create an informed and engaged community of practice that advocates and implements more innovative solutions to address the chronic urban conditions of vacancy, building abandonment, obsolete infrastructure, and inner city sprawl.



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